Geomarketing Intelligence Geodata - the geomarketing department of Outdoor Services - studies the space characteristics of companies’ markets. It solves the marketing and commercial problematics in which geographical dimensions are essential. Thanks to the Geographical Information System tools, Geodata allows the interaction between any georeferenced database : socio-demography, topography, hydrography, street networks, retail, points of interest, access areas, media campaigns, user-specifi c data, etc.. In concrete terms a typical analysis may be : turnover estimation, business location studies, geo-coding of market information, optimization of reseller networks, best fi tted billboard network selection and much more… Geodata proposes an interactive web mapping tool called MPGis that enables users to interact with a predefi ned set of data thus letting users drive their own analysis or easily overview predefi ned geomarketing results (zoom at any scales, information…). More information about your geomarketing partner ? Do not hesitate to contact our specialist Christophe Guisset: 0472 22 24 56 or www.geo-data.be 7

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